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The IoT Chair challenges the students

200 years ago, thanks to Vital Roux, one of its co-founders, ESCP was already a pioneer promoting a pedagogy oriented towards practical teaching. 
Nowadays, business cases are still an important element in students’ learning paths.

From January to April, about 60 students from the IoT specialization (a 120-hour long track created with the support of the IoT Chair) have been involved in company projects.

In groups of 5 to 7 students, they were exposed to real business challenges.
Societe Generale Insurance, one of the 3 corporate partners of the Chair, enjoyed the experience last year with the former cohort and decided to submit two topics to two groups of students: 
•   "Smart home: How to move from remote surveillance to connected insurance?"
•    "Climate: which data and service to prevent climate damages?".

IoT Chair


IoT Chair


Other groups worked on a range of very challenging issues such as: 
•   "How can the Citypod become a platform, which sensors usages and value (for Groupe Renault"), 
•   "Sencrop and the value chain of smart agriculture" (for Sencrop), 
•   "What could a business model for a B2B data platform provider look like?" (for Bosch)…

Alternatively, some groups were asked to imagine the business model of a new start-up in fashion, mobility, energy or home.

Students had only 3 months to develop their recommendations. Each team provided solid work exploring new business opportunities, designing possible scenarios, setting up a revenue model, defining the best time-to-market strategy, and mapping potential partners to develop the new offer… 

Wednesday 2th April, the final oral defense took place.

The 10 groups presented their recommendations  to the company representatives.
They appreciated "the way students discussed the pro & cons" (Thomas WEBER, Bosch) ; "the valuable outcomes from interviews led by students with clients and partners" (Martin DUCROQUET [ESCP 1997], Sencrop) : "the opportunity to get new and refreshing inputs from students’ perspectives"  (Michael BRUNIAUX, Sencrop)  ; "the ability of students to design new business models supporting a solution" (Alexis MARTIN, Societe Generale Insurance).
"Year after year I enjoy leading projects with ESCP students. Interactions are rich and they offer unconquered paths to explore" (Matthieu CHENEVIER, Societe Generale Insurance).

A great learning experience for all, students and companies!

And congratulations to all students:
Angèle ANDREANI, Francesco ARBOLETTI, Kamran BAHADORI, Francesco BASSETTI, Giovanni BENASSI, Francesco BEOMONTE ZOBEL, Julien BILGER, Marco BRINCHI, Marco BUNGARO, Giulia CAMMARATA, Mariavittoria CAPORELLO, Alberto CAPPELLANO RIZZARDI, Théophile CASSAND, Paolo CAZZOLA, Ulderico CESARANI, Jonathan COHEN, Luisa CORRADI, Costanza CORSALE, Alessandra DAMIANI, Lorenzo DELLACROCE, Elodia DI LUGGO DI AVINI, Christopher DOS SANTOS, Laura ECK, Andrea GALIMBERTI, Alessandra GANDINI, Alessandro GELFI, Solenne GIORDAN, Alberto GIORDANA, Valentina Florence GOELDNER, Nicolò GRANOZZI, Naomi Benedetta GRILLO, Daniel LEVIS, Béatrice MARTELLI, Julie MIENVILLE, Koushik Kumar Reddy NALAMARU, Alfredo NALDI, Riccardo PETRACHI, Leon PHILIPP, Thomas POLETTI, Iuliia POZDEEVA, Elena RANDAZZO, Guglielmo RIVA, Solène ROUSSEAU, Léo ROUX, Lorenzo SAUDINO, Tommaso SPANGARO, Federico SPONZA, Elisa SQUILLARI, Florian STADLER, Luca TERRAGNI, Quentin TUAL, Gianfranco VESTITA, Edoardo VILLA, Carolin WAIS, Cedric WERKMANN, Matteo ZAPPATA and Zhendong ZUO.


To learn more about IoT Chair sponsored by Schneider Electric, Societe Generale Insurance and Valeo