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Olivier Delbard is a Professor in the Department of Economics, Law and Social Sciences on the Paris campus. He is in charge of projects and programmes related to sustainable development and CSR and has been appointed as sustainability coordinator for ESCP Europe. He also works on cultural management issues and has also long been interested in European affairs.

He holds a Doctorate degree from the University of Paris IV Sorbonne (1995); his dissertation concerned environmental philosophy and ethics in Anglo-Saxon culture. He obtained his HDR (French qualification for PhD supervision) in Economics in 2010.

Originally his research and teaching focused on U.S. society and culture, with a special interest in business ethics and environmental policy issues (he wrote a book on this topic in 2006). He has also published a Dictionary of the Environment and Sustainable Development (French-English bilingual version).

He has been working on CSR regulation issues within the European Union, pursuing a comparative and cross-cultural approach. He has also been investigating fair-trade issues and poverty eradication in Sub-Saharan Africa. This has led to field missions and publications.

His general area of expertise concerns the strategic and macro-economic issues of sustainable development and CSR, and the related new multi-stakeholder modes of governance. One of his current interests is on corporate responses to sustainability issues and regulation, and the respective roles of companies, public authorities and civil society in the implementation of new hybrid models. His book published in 2009 deals with the issue of responsible business today and investigates the future social involvement of companies in our societies. His latest book published in 2014 looked into how to move beyond the sustainability debate so as to create a new economy based on ecology and solidarity. Dr Delbard's current research interests focuses on perceptions and attitudes toward CSR.

Olivier Delbard is the scientific director of an executive education programme entitled “Managing Responsibility on a Daily Basis” (in French). He is a member of various academic networks, professional juries and bodies. He is also an elected member of ESCP Europe's European Teaching Committee.

He is also the Academic Director (Paris Campus) for the newly created MSc in International Sustainability Management which takes place at the Berlin and Paris Campuses.

In January 2016, he released on Coursera, in collaboration with Ecolo Ethik think tank's co-President Chantal Jouanno the school's first MOOC (in French) "Understanding Ecology for an Innovative Economy".


Corporate Social Responsibility: Marketing Tool or Reality?


Meet the 3 'S's of CSR


Social Sciences & Humanities
European Business Environment
Management of Culture and the Media
Sustainable Development
Corporate Social Responsibility

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Guest Speaker in a Conference

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Edited Special Issue

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