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Bachelor in Management (BSc)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

A - Various questions

  1. What type of students are we looking for?

    We are looking for high-calibre students with excellent grades who are interested in the various subjects offered by our Bachelor programme. Our students typically rank in the top 10% of their academic cohort, having successfully completed their secondary education with high honours or distinction, and are keen to study in different countries with students from all over Europe and beyond. They have a very good command of English and speak further languages, which they are eager to improve during their studies at ESCP Europe. Ideal candidates are interested in different cultures and multicultural settings and have an affinity with quantitative disciplines (taking into account the mathematics and economics content of the programme).

  2. Programme start and length

    The programme starts in September. It is a three year full-time programme.

  3. Application Period

    Applications typically start in October and last until June. Non-EEA (European Economic Area) and non-Swiss nationals are advised to apply early in order to have time to complete their visa application once they are admitted.
    For students targeting the London campus, we suggest to apply in April at the latest.
    Please see:

    Additional application periods exist on some of our campuses; please see application dates.

  4. Where will you be studying?

    Students must study in a different campus each year of the programme.

    The first year is offered on the London and Paris campuses, the second year in Madrid, Paris or Turin or, the third and final year in Berlin and Paris.

    The third year in Paris is offered in a part time mode to allow students to have an employment contract. 

    While physically in different countries, students will be working together in the form of virtual teams, cross-campus work groups and online learning. An experience of working together remotely is of crucial importance in today’s professional market and is a common practice in multinational companies all over the world.

  5. What language skills do I need?

    Necessary language competences are covered on this page.

  6. What is the difference between the Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme and an exchange programme (e.g. Erasmus)?

    Our programme offers far more than just an exchange programme.

    Students will study in three different cities and countries within a class characterised by high cultural diversity, with students from all over Europe and the world. As a result, our Bachelor students will not only discover a multitude of foreign cultures but also develop a profound understanding of their own culture and personality.

    While studying on three of our campuses, students will experience living and studying in different countries / cultural contexts, with different academic approaches, as well as gaining insight into the society, culture and the economic environment of the different locations. Students will also benefit from an integrated and coherent academic framework in a single institution.

  7. What will I do after graduating from the Bachelor in Management (BSc)? Can I enrol to other ESCP Europe programmes, such as the Master in Management?

    Students can apply to our various Master programmes. This might give them the opportunity to experience the remaining ESCP Europe campuses they will not have visited during their Bachelor studies.
    Please note, however, that applications to our various master programmes are highly competitive and that students interested in these programmes will need to follow the standard application procedures.

    Many of our graduates will also choose to pursue their studies at other institutions after their Bachelor degree at ESCP Europe. We have more than 100 partner institutions all over the world, which know and highly appreciate our School and its students. This should give our graduates a significant advantage when applying to a partner university. Additionally, we are currently negotiating dual degrees with our partners outside Europe which will specifically encourage applications from our Bachelor students for their Master programmes. Our aim is for our Bachelor graduates to join the best Master programmes around the world.

    Finally, some graduates might prefer to enter the corporate world to gain their first professional experience before continuing their studies. This is very much dependent on the customs and situation in the student’s home country. Having completed a minimum of two internships within the scope of the programme will definitely be an advantage when applying for that first job.