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Paris Campus Admissions
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Master in Management

Tuition Fees

Student at ESCP Europe

The fees for those entering the two-year programme in September 2018 are set at:

  • €15,800 for EU citizens per year
  • €19,900 for non-EU citizens per year

A supplement of €1,080 to  €1,980 will be due for those students required to take the catch-up semester of prerequisite courses (students without the required previous management studies).

Students entering via the Pre-Master year pay:

  • €15,800 for the Pre-Master year

Invoices are sent on a yearly basis. 

Fees are subject to modification without notice.

In order to evaluate the total costs of your studies, please take into account the cost of living on the different campuses.  In Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Turin the costs are in the range of €650 - 1,000 per month.  In London, they are in the range of €1,200 - 1,600 per month. 

Financing your programme

A programme such as the Master in Management is perhaps the most significant investment that you will make in your professional life and your future. Below are some suggestions on how to fund your time at ESCP Europe.

ESCP Europe strives to attract the best students, regardless of their financial background. As such, the School offers a selection of financial need and merit-based scholarships. Around 400 are awarded each year, representing a total of €1,500,000. More information on scholarships

Paid Internships

At the end of the first year of the Master in Management (from May onwards), students will have the possibility of beginning paid internships. From that point on, the financial situation will become increasingly manageable, and students are allowed to take a year off to work.

To graduate, students must do a minimum of 39 weeks of internships. However, many students choose to do longer internships than this required minimum, often taking sandwich years to get a longer professional experience and help finance tuition fees. While the salary offered is quite variable, most students get paid €400 to €1,900 per month during their internships. Please take care to have the appropriate visa for this to be an option in a country other than your own. More information on internships

It is possible to acquire a one or two-year apprenticeship during the Master in Management programme if you are studying at the Paris campus. (Please note, students must be fluent in French and no older than 26 in order to take this option.) Students participating in this programme variation pay no fees during this period and additionally receive a salary from the respective company they work for. More information on apprenticeships

Campus jobs
There are very often jobs available on-campus (e.g. administrative, events, etc). These are paid by the hour. To find out more, contact your upcoming campus of study.

Bank Loans

Gaining a place in the ESCP Europe Master in Management programme represents a guarantee of an appreciative level of income upon graduation. Consult your banker for information on a personal loan.  Recent ESCP Europe students have received interest rates as low as 2%. Many banks offer student loans at attractive rates, with deferred pay back.

French banks request that you provide a guarantor in France. If you have no relative in France, we therefore recommend that you apply for a loan from a bank in your own country. Four Paris banks are known to grant loans to ESCP Europe students: BNP Paribas, BRED, LCL and Société Générale.