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The Specialised Master in Publishing Management regularly receives professionals of the publishing sector for breakfast conferences.
Among the invited personalities:

Marie-Noëlle Audigier, Managing Director, Hatier Publishing

Gilbert Azoulay, Director of Communication & Development, L'Étudiant magazine

Patrick Baradeau, Delagrave Publishing (Academic)

Anne Carrière, Editor

Stéphane Chabenat, Publisher, Managing Director, Lire

Robert Laffont, Publisher

Caroline Leblanc, Marketing Manager, Le Robert Dictionaries

Brigitte Legendre, Playbac Publishing

Denis Mollat, Mollat Bookshop, Bordeaux

Specialised Master® in Management for the Publishing Industry


Our programme targets your expertise

The objective of the programme is to understand, to follow and to anticipate the main developments within the publishing industry and the Cultural media markets.

Participants will to be able to:
-    Develop a strategic vision of the sectors in which they are interested.
-    Offer a global and innovative approach to management and content management
-    Understand a global view of operations
-    Contribute to the development, the future and the renovation of markets.

This full-time curriculum is spread over one year divided into 3 terms as follows:

  • 2 terms of intensive courses - September to December; January to March. An international seminar abroad is included
  • 1 term of professsionalisation from April to December : a company placement of at least 4 months and a professional thesis defended orally to a committee between early November and mid-December the year following the September intake.

Participants have to be proficient in French, Italian and English.


The Specialised Master® for the Publishing Industry give the participants a strong management experience applied to the digital publications or print markets.

The Specialised Masters® for the Publishing Industry's degree is supported and highly recognised by the entire profession since its creation.

With Prestigious honorary patrons :

2016     Vincent Barbare (Groupe Edi 8)
2015     Guillaume Dervieux(Groupe Albin Michel)
2014     Vera Michalski-Hoffmann (Groupe Libella)
2013     Marie Pic-Pâris Allavena (Groupe Eyrolles)
2012     Jean Delas (L'école des loisirs)
2011     Sylvie Marcé (Éditions Belin)
2010     Teresa Cremisi (Groupe Flammarion)
2009     Francis Esménard (Groupe Albin-Michel)
2008     Vincent Montagne (Groupe Média-Participations)
2007     Alain Kouck (Groupe Editis)
2006     Arnaud Nourry (Groupe Hachette Livre)
2005     Catherine Lucet (Éditions Nathan)
2004     François Gèze (Éditions La Découverte)
2003     Isabelle Jeuge-Maynard (Éditions Hachette)
2002     Alain Gründ (Éditions Gründ)
2001     Antoine Gallimard (Éditions Gallimard)
2000     Anne Carrière (Éditions Anne Carrière)
1999     Hervé de La Martinière (Groupe La Martinière)
1998     Olivier Nora (Éditions Calmann-Levy)
1997     Jean-Étienne Cohen-Seat (Éditions Hachette)
1996     Bernard Fixot (Éditions Robert Laffont)
1995     Claude Cherki (Éditions du Seuil)
1994     Olivier Orban (Éditions Plon)
1993     Pierre Marchand (Éditions Gallimard Jeunesse)
1992     Odile Jacob (Éditions Odile Jacob)