Specialised Master® in Strategy and Organisation Consulting (Paris)

Work Experience

Professional thesis

The thesis is an applied research project based on a specific professional topic in consultation with an academic advisor. 

It is a chance for students to synthesize learned material through in-depth analysis and of a particular business topic using clear, detailed arguments. The thesis is submitted in writing and defended orally before an academic committee. The culmination of the MS, the thesis represents 30 out of a total of 75 ECTS credits for the programme.

Previous students in the programme have presented the following thesis topics:

  • “Mobile information and virtual communities”
  • “Application integration in an international context”
  • “Off-shore operations and risk management”
  • “Expansion to the budding B2C e-commerce market in China”
  • “Web-based social networks: From personal to professional use”
  • “The annual report as a corporate organizational autobiography: A narrative analysis of CEO correspondence”
  • “Managing  public sector organizational change in France : Particularities and key factors for success”