Specialised Master® in Strategy and Organisation Consulting (Paris)

Work Experience

Cornell Partnership

The partnership comes in several ways:

  • Courses are developed in collaboration with professors from Cornell University

Visiting professors come to ESCP Europe to give their courses in the form of seminars.

Long distance classes are also held and gather virtually ESCP Europe students and Cornell graduate students of the ILR Master. Throughout these modules, participants must lead, in mixed teams, a consulting project for an international company.

  • At the end of the curriculum, a one-week seminar at Cornell University

Students of the Master conclude their studies in April by a seminar on the campus of Cornell

This is the opportunity to be immersed in the North American culture and to be exposed to different and various managerial issues. Courses are specifically tailored to ESCP Europe students who also participate in classes with American students. At the end of the seminar, students are required to give a presentation and submit a research report reviewed by a committee of Cornell University and ESCP Europe professors: this assignment validates the seminar.

  • The opportunity to obtain the Master's degree from Cornell University

Students have the opportunity, after obtaining their diploma at ESCP Europe, to study for a year at Cornell to obtain the Master of Industrial and Labor Relations (MILR).

This prestigious qualification allows participants to acquire a unique profile and give them the high added value skills that international corporate recruiters look for, both in North America and Europe.

Visit the MILR Cornell - ESCP Europe Dual Degree page on the Cornell University website