Specialised Master® in Strategy and Organisation Consulting (Paris)

Participants’ profiles

Profile of the MS in Strategy and Organisation Consulting of 2017

Academic background:

  • Business: 19%
  • Engineering: 44%
  • Political sciences: 10%
  • Economics & Finance: 10%
  • Humanities and Social Sciences: 6%
  • Law: 10%
  • Life sciences: 1%

  • 16% international students
  • 44% women, 56% men

Open-mindedness and diversity of the Specialised Masters:

ESCP Europe Specialized Master® in Strategy and Organisation Consulting students, and hence the alumni network, which now boasts over 300 members, come from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities. This rich diversity contributes to the programme’s excellence. 

Potential participants include those with special interests in corporate intervention and consulting with varied profiles including engineers (about 40% of participants), IT managers, public sector administrators, legal advisors, those with social sciences and humanities degrees, and business professionals.

Since its inception in 1988, the Specialized Master® in Strategy and Organisation Consulting has trained 330 students who are now part of the ESCP Europe 50,000-member alumni network.

Class of 2018 representatives