MSc in Energy Management

Key Features

The MSc in Energy Management programme aims to give students an integrated view of the various, industry-specific issues in order to cope with its complexity, thereby enabling them to deal effectively with the dramatic changes taking place.

With that in mind, the MEM offers the opportunity to:

  • Understand the energy business environment and its fundamental economic and technological concepts.

  • Gain the ability to develop and implement strategies to address major issues in energy regulation and policy.

  • Develop in-depth knowledge of energy technologies, industries and markets.

  • Strengthen your ability to live and work in a highly multicultural and international environment.

  • Broaden your horizons by studying alongside students from a vast range of backgrounds, such as business management, economics, engineering and social sciences.

  • Prepare to take on major responsibilities in tomorrow's economic environment by developing a personal vision of the globalised economy.

  • Develop a thorough and practical approach to managerial issues and resources related to the energy industry.