Specialised Master® in International Wealth Management

(Paris Campus and London Campus)

(Formerly Specialised Master in Private Banking & Financial Planning)

Accredited C.I.F. (Investment Advisor), and C.J.A. (Relevant Legal Expertise)



Course Modules

The courses address both theory and real-life applications. They are taught by full-time ESCP Europe Faculty and successful professionals. Are also included numerous meetings with professionals in this sector and alumni of the programme. 

The courses are divided in main groups:

  • Introduction to Wealth Management
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Portfolio Management – Assets Allocation
  • Fix Income Management
  • Life Insurances
  • Alternative Investments
  • International Strategies
  • Remunerations and Pensions
  • Investment and Corporate Strategies
  • Private Investment Taxation
  • Private Investment Law



Introduction to Wealth Management 
Charities & Philanthropy
The Key Players in WM
Sales in Wealth Management and Transnational Culture Client Relations Management
Compliance Rules and Ethics
European Taxation of Savings
Tax Haven and NCST (FATCA)
Family Governance
Relationship Management

Introduction to Finance
Capital Markets
Behavioural Finance and Qualitative Management
Risk Management 

Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation
Portfolio Management
Fund Organization and Performance Measures
Asset Allocation
Bank Loans and Collateral

Fix Income Management
Fix income Management

Life Insurance
French Life Insurance (law and taxation)
Non-French Life Insurance

Alternative Investment Strategies
Hedge Fund
Structured Products
Islamic Finance
Art Spoliation & International Litigation
Art: Legal & Tax
Basics of Corporate Valuation 

International Strategies
Comparative Financial Study Life Insurance Products
Common Law Trusts & Family Offices
Transnational Real Estate Taxation
US Estate & Tax Planning
International Tax Planning

Remuneration and Pensions
Pension and Employee Saving Schemes/Comparative Study
Remuneration Packages and Stock Options

Investment and Corporate Strategies
Foreign Holding Companies (set-up, taxation, agreements)
Tax and Legal Corporate Strategies
Corporate Taxation
French Fiduciary Structures
Company Transfers (sales, donation, inheritance and transfer of professional assets)
Private Equity
Transnational Estate Planning

Private Investment Taxation
Direct Taxation
ISF Wealth Tax
Real Estate Law
Non-Resident French Taxation
IR and ISF Tax Treaties
Tax Inspection and Abuse of Law
Gift and Inheritance Taxation
International Inheritance Taxation
French Trust Taxation

Private Investment Law
Matrimonial Law
Gift and Inheritance Law
Comparative Law & International Private Law
Real Estate Investments
Usufruct and French Real Estate Strategies
Usufruct and French Financial Strategies