Advanced Master in Finance

Participants’ profiles

Profile of the Advanced Master of Finance Class of 2017

Academic background:

  • Economics & Finance: 60%
  • Business: 16%
  • Engineering : 17%
  • Law: 4%
  • Other fields (Political and Life sciences) : 3%
  • 31% international students
  • 25% women, 75% men


ESCP Europe's  Masters Programme welcomes applicants from varied disciplines who demonstrate open-mindedness and potential:

Master students come from various countries and have different backgrounds: engineers, doctors, pharmacists, students of literature and law, etc.

Originating from 40 nationalities, they form a group of multicultural participants, which makes exchanging and working in groups all the more enriching.

Since its inception in 1987, the Specialised Master in Finance has trained
more than 1200 students, now part of ESCP Europe's 50,000-member global Alumni network.

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