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Julie Estezet

Career & Apprenticeship Advisor
 +33 1 49 23 27 58


Maria Tsianti
Senior Manager, Careers Service
+44 (0)20 7443 8818


Jan Ehlers

Head of Corporate Relations & Business Development
+49 30 32007 149


Ramon Rodriguez Aragon
Company Relations Manager
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Erica Brignolo
Company Relations Manager
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MBA in International Management

Careers service

The ESCP Europe Careers Service helps you to identify your professional objectives to ensure your career prospects. Located on each of the six ESCP Europe campuses, the Careers Service provides you with the advice, data and tools to connect you to companies.

Through the combination of the Careers Service, the Alumni Association and job fairs, ESCP Europe receives 20,000 internship offers and 30,000 job opportunities each year.

Through the Careers Service, you will benefit from:

  • Career workshops and individual coaching to achieve your professional objectives
  • Company presentations, seminars, conferences, roundtables and interviews with recruiters
  • On-campus generalist and industry-specific job fairs on the different campuses attracting over 130 companies throughout the year
  • Bootcamps on Consulting, Banking, Tech and Marketing led by ESCP Europe Alumni on how to be recruited by the leading companies in these sectors
  • Personality and logic tests to:
    • identify your strengths and motivations
    • aid your reflection on your career plan
    • train yourself using practical guides and tutorials
    • prepare yourself for interviews

Our Careers Service team has specific tools for careers in finance such as filmed interviews and partnerships with reputable recruitment agencies in the City of London and its main financial institutions.

Building relationships and networks is essential. The ESCP Europe Alumni association with its more than 50,000 active alumni in 150 countries will also help you to build strong contacts with companies and recruiters around the world.

International Leadership Advancement Programme (I-LEAP)

The MBA in International Management proposes a career development programme, the International Leadership Advancement Programme (I-LEAP) which purpose is to assist you in finding your ideal job in the business world.

I-LEAP is developed throughout the academic year in complement to the professional competencies and managerial skills gained in classes. I-LEAP is organised around 3 core topics for professional advancement:

  • Professional Self-Knowledge
  • Personal Career Growth
  • Career Goal Setting

I-LEAP is constructed with the support and resources of ESCP Europe Alumni Association, the expertise of ESCP Europe Careers Service located on each of the six campuses, along with certified professional coaches. Its objective is to support you in identifying your professional objectives, confirming your career prospects while providing you with the advice, data and tools necessary for their pursuit.

Starting in September 2017, the MBA in International Management includes a 3-day professional orientation seminar with two main outcomes: a connection with a personal Alumni-Mentor, and a set of personalised career tools to manage your career planning. During the rest of the year, I-LEAP thematic seminars will be proposed regularly and Individual Professional Coaching systematically available upon request.

Through the combination of ESCP Europe Corporate Relations Service, your membership to the Alumni Association and a variety of specialised and multisector job fairs in all campuses, you will gain access to 30,000 job opportunities and 20,000 internship offers, as well as direct contacts with 250 enterprises.

Along with mentoring, your membership to ESCP Europe Alumni association will be a connection to more than 50,000 active alumni in 150 countries, an opportunity for building strong contacts with companies and recruiters around the world.