Application deadline

31 May 2018: Application deadline for courses starting in September 2018.

Application for the Doctoral programme

Doctoral Programme

Application Process and Fees

The ESCP Europe expects from its young scientists outstanding academic work and provides an optimal supervisory relationship. Therefore, the approval process for the doctoral program is highly selective. The programme has an annual intake of around ten participants from different courses of study. About 35 doctoral students are currently being supervised at ESCP Europe Campus Berlin.


  • University degree in Business Administration or Economics (Graduate Diploma or Master/Magister) rated good or higher; further requirements apply to graduates of other subjects as well as to applicants from other institutions of higher education. The relevant provisions can be found in our PhD regulations (paragraph 3).
  • High level of proficiency in German and English: The seminars of the doctoral program will be offered primarily in German, partially in English; proficiency in further languages if research visits abroad are planned.


Candidates for the program contact the academic chair for the field they are interested in and ask weather a cooperation is possible. The supervision of extra-occupational promotions can be realized.

If there is the opportunity to support your research project, application documents need to be submitted. Please use the "Bewerbungsbogen_Promotionsstudium" , it includes a list with further documents which are required for a successful application.

Suitable candidates will be invited for an admission interview. Based on the interview and the submitted documents, candidates are suggested to the doctoral board for participating in the doctoral program which decides on the admission of the candidate.


Annual fee: 2.000€; registration fee (for admission): 105€; final exam (disputation): 2.000€. In general, these costs are eliminated for research assistants of the ESCP Europe Campus Berlin.