Paris Ph.D. Programme

Supervision skills

Candidates must have a clear idea of the kind of topic that they are interested in and that may be of interest for a supervisor among ESCP Europe faculty. You must formulate a full dissertation project to apply for the Ph.D. programme.

Below we provide potential candidates with two different ways of reflecting about their future research topic:

  • a list of research topics provided by research supervisors in different disciplines (see the menu on the right side);
  • a list of the research supervisors from ESCP Europe faculty with access to their personal page and their current research interests.

Furthermore, some doctoral projects are sponsored, through research chairs, professorships...

Sponsored Research Projects

Comparaison des modes d’organisation et de financement des programmes de revitalisation du commerce de centre-ville sur différents pays d’Europe (notamment ceux où est implantée ESCP Europe)
Supervisor: Prof. Olivier Badot
Partnership: Chaire E. Leclerc "Prospective du commerce dans la société 4.0.


Internet of Things
Supervisor: Prof. Sandrine Macé
Partnership: Chaire Internet of Things
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