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Students in the courtyard of the ESCP Europe Paris Campus

Mission and Values

ESCP Europe, the World’s First Business School (est. 1819)

Partnership with "l'Agence du Service Civique" (civil service agency) and "l'Institut de l'Engagement" (Institute of Commitment)

ESCP Europe has signed a partnership with "l'Agence du Service Civique" (civil service agency) and "l'Institut de l'Engagement" (Institute of Commitment) with the intention to encourage students and staff at ESCP Europe to participate in the activities of the two institutions.

The objectives of the agreement are 3-fold: ESCP Europe students can participate in civil service activities during or after their studies, laureates at l'Institut de l'Engagement can integrate ESCP Europe into their degree and ESCP Europe staff may participate as part of the panel at l'Institut de l'Engagement.

This partnership forms part of the social development plan of the school reinforced predominantly by the ‘Cordées de la Réussite’ and the ‘Double Ascension’ programmes.


About the ‘Cordées de la réussite’ and the ‘Double Ascension’ programme

ESCP Europe’s ‘Cordées de la réussite’ are a platform with which the school provides information, guidance and improves technical procedures. The programmes promote higher education to those who do not have access to information regarding the ‘Grande Écoles’, in order to eliminate barriers that may exist due to stereotypes, financial difficulties and auto-censorship
The ESCP Europe ‘Double Ascension’ programme  has become the first to provide a specific entry option for students from Seine Saint-Denis who hold a ‘Brevet de Technicien Supérieur’ (BTS) or a ‘Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie (DUT)’ having completed a professional or technological baccalaureate.

Contact : Frédérique Alexandre-Bailly