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Olivier Delbard

Sustainability Coordinator

A signatory of the UN Global Compact and of the UN PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education), ESCP Europe aims to promote the respect of humanistic values and diversity, the importance of culture and cultural knowledge to tend towards a better social and economic world.

Sustainability has then full meaning as a decision making tool and overall a creative value-added vision.

Mission and Values

Sustainability: the ESCP Europe approach

Shortage or very important costs of the primary energies on horizon 2040 … Global warming under the influence of Greenhouse gases … Globalization of the exchanges of products and services … A grip of responsibility by companies of any size and sector is inevitable.

Corporate support of the principles of sustainability gives a real competitive advantage which will be decisive to evaluate performance and boots innovation. This is why ESCP Europe decided to launch an executive education programme on CSR & Sustainability Management as early as 2006.

Business schools have a responsibility to anticipate and accompany these transformations through new requirements, i.e. long term economic approach to sustainable growth and responsible commitment: they have to develop practices based on ethical values for today and tomorrow’s managers.

Our sustainable project impacts teaching, mobilizes research and calls out for the daily management of our six ESCP Europe campuses. All the internal stakeholders of the school: students, faculty, alumni, administrative staff are concerned. To implement this approach, ESCP Europe has a sustainability coordinator across the five campuses – Prof. Olivier Delbard. He works with Ms Madely Valerius, sustainability project manager .