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The Big Data Club kindly invites you to its first conference of the year 2019.

If you are looking to stay up to speed with the game changing technologies and tactics being applied in the retail industry, then this is your chance to witness how leading companies like Amazon are shaping their entire business strategy including the way they market products and how they organize their supply chain.

The physical and digital marketplaces are becoming increasingly intertwingled, which makes the deployment of digital tools such as RFID chips, predictive analytics, AI or blockchain a powerful instrument to keep a competitive edge in the retail industry.
The Big Data Club is bringing together industry experts from Amazon, Cleed and PVH (for more information see below) who will give us a deep insight on how digitalization has been a game changer in the retail industry.

The conference will consist of 4 small presentations, each followed by a Q&A round and a cocktail/networking event at the end.

►Note: Anybody can join - this event does not require prior knowledge.

Price: Free
Language: English
Sign up here: https://bit.ly/2T9P6bb

►Location : Montparnasse site (3 rue Armand Moisant - 75015 Paris)

►Limited capacity, don't forget to sign up and get your tickets !


►Amazon - 2 speakers to be announced
►PVH - Speaker to be announced
►Cleed - Adrien VAISSADE (Founder & CEO)


Organiser: Big Data Club by ESCP‎

Paris - France



Start date: 13/02/2019

Start time: 6:30 PM

End time: 8:00 PM