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Managers in Executive Education at ESCP Europe



Customised Programmes Paris
Karine Maxence
+ 33 1 55 65 56 30


Customised Programmes London
Francesco Morrone
+44 207 443 8816


Customised Programmes Berlin
Laurence Schwer
+49 30 320 07 214


Customised Programmes Madrid
Olga Alonso Pelegrin
+34 91 386 2511


Customised Programmes Torino
Jessica Allasia
+39 344 2263518

Executive Education: Customised programmes for Companies

Our 5 keys to customised programmes

Your learning experience at ESCP Europe … What is a Customised Programme at ESCP Europe?


Key 1: a tailored service

"A tailored service with our best inputs about innovative learning techniques"

Whether you are looking to attract new talent to your organisation; to retain, train and engage your current workforce or to generate an innovative solution to a new business challenge, ESCP Europe has the capabilities and unique resources of a knowledge-generating enterprise to help companies move forward. We combine experiential, proactive, practical learning with modern theory-based learning techniques. Teaching is not only about conveying knowledge, but also ensuring that education is a transformational experience. ESCP Europe offers an innovative teaching approach focusing particularly on "what teaching Executives really means?"


Key 2: academic research-based

"International and cross-cultural expertise, supported by academic research"

An international highly-experienced faculty in executive development and on the cutting edge of their fields.
ESCP Europe is bridging the gap between the corporate and academic worlds by providing tailored executive education. This cutting-edge research is the basis for all our bespoke programmes.


Key 3: changing markets

"Preparing your business to adapt to changes in market conditions"

Our world-class faculty work alongside our clients to explore and understand both the needs of their organisations and how best to provide a training solution that best fits their business issues and how to help you keeping you ahead of the competition. At ESCP Europe Business School we understand that organisations face multiple challenges in an increasingly complex globalised world.  Competition is increasing, budgets are tightening, risks are heightened and markets are volatile. These challenges affect organisations and individuals within them.


Key 4: Talent Development

"Supporting their policy of talent development within the organisation"

Customised programmes that can be integrated with ESCP Europe degree programmes or certifications to provide participants with company-specific expertise and general management qualifications.
We believe in lifelong learning and that any training initiative ought to form part of a continuing process and belong to a wider context of succession planning and/or talent management.


Key 5: global presence

"Wherever you and your teams are in the world"

Course design that capitalises on the advantage of ESCP Europe’s 6 campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw, to give multinationals both a global perspective and the capacity to adapt effectively to local contexts. Partnerships with several business schools around the world also add great value.

A gateway to doing business in Europe for non-European companies that want to provide their managers with the keys to succeed in European markets.