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ESCP Europe Chairs and Professorships

What is a Chair?

A chair is the initiative of a business organisation or professional association in support of academic research and education programmes, over a relatively long period of time (three years at least, renewable).

Generally, the sponsor provides monetary support to a specific member of the Faculty who holds the Chair and who, consequently, is responsible for its research and education programmes. Such programmes are directly related to the business sector of the sponsoring organisation.

Research programmes involve researchers on the six ESCP Europe campuses, as well as researchers from other academic institutions. Programmes are vetted by a scientific committee. Chairs are an important factor in stimulating research at ESCP Europe.

ESCP Europe Chairs and Professorships overview

"Intercultural Management" Chair

"Intercultural Management" Chair

This Chair stems from the joint ambition to found a front-line centre of learning and expertise on intercultural management matters, the aim being to develop a fuller understanding of how cultural diversities interact with the structure and the operation of organizations.... To learn more



"Factory for the Future" Chair

"Factory for the Future" Chair

This Chair will address the human and organisational management modes requiered to adapt to the acceleration in the develoment of production methods. It will examine the related conditions and consequences... To learn more

Industrial Relations and Firms’ Competitiveness Chair

Industrial Relations and Firms’ Competitiveness Chair

This Chair’s objective is to reflect on the evolution of industrial relations and study the effects thereof on company performance. It aims to develop a greater understanding of economic, social or societal challenges and their impact on governance and innovation… To learn more

Chair "Future of Retail in Society 4.0" - ESCP Europe-E.Leclerc - Partnerships - Corporate Relations ESCP Europe

Chair "Future of Retail in Society 4.0"

This Chair aims to foster forward-looking in-depth reflection on the business and retail industry of tomorrow. 

In an environment undergoing profound change, E. Leclerc, a key player in business and the retail industry, was looking for opportunities for teaching and debate where it would be possible to promote new forms of business and discuss new business ecosystems in the era of company 4.0. To learn more



Entrepreneurship Chair (ChaireEEE) - ESCP Europe

The "Entrepreneurship" Chair

The Entrepreneurship Chair (ChaireEEE) supports the development of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs through specific programmes and support structures.

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Professorship in "International Corporate Governance"

International corporate governance is a major challenge for companies. It is a constantly evolving domain and is increasingly scrutinised by investors, public authorities, media, employees and other stakeholders. To learn more


Professorship "Creativity Marketing"

For L'Oréal and ESCP Europe, Creativity Marketing is a shared domain of excellence. Themes such as Consumer Creativity, Cultures of Creativity, Analytics and Creativity, Big Data, Behavioural Science Innovation, and the Emergence of Business Ecosystems will be adressed.

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Chair Fashion and Technology - ESCP Europe

Chair "Fashion and Technology"

The "Fashion and Technology" Chair aims at analysing and promoting, throughout ESCP Europe students and alumni but also a wide communauty interested in these issues, the role of the technology as a catalyst of innovation for the Fashion and Luxury sectors.

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Professorship in "in Economics and Marketing in the Professional Events Industry"

Chair "IoT" (Internet of Things)

The IoT (Internet of Things) Chair aims to develop a better understanding of business and managerial issues related to digital evolution and the development of connected objects.

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