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What does Europe’s crisis reveal?


Pascal Morand, Dean of ESCP Europe

At regular intervals since the Treaty of Rome, Europe has been through moments of crisis causing her to waver. Today, with growth at a stand-still Europe rightfully fears the domino effect which could propagate the Greek crisis and is searching for a common position to better broach the G20. Not an easy task.

We can only be struck by the outpouring of misunderstandings which bring us back to the fundamental question of the competitiveness of companies. Germany, who has endeavoured to cultivate this competitiveness through hard work, finds itself accused by other European nations of lacking loyalty. Taking this into consideration, it is important not to lose sight of the impassable frontier of mutual understanding.

One thing is certain: by favouring competitiveness in all domains, Europe will once again find growth. From this point of view, the lowering of the relative value of the Euro is a stroke of luck, or rather the correction of a dysfunction, which has put Europe at a serious disadvantage.

Moreover, if companies are able to function in equitable conditions, competitiveness becomes solely their affair. Reinforcing competitiveness supposes a reunification of the most diverse talents and looking to the future with efficiency and innovation constantly in our minds.

It lies with ESCP Europe, as a major Business School to act with determination for Europe, to contribute to this plan whilst showing our openness to the world at all times.

Dr. Pascal Morand
Dean of ESCP Europe