Principal Scientific Publications

Devenir Sociologue : Histoire de vie et choix théoriques, J.P. Bouilloud, coll Sociologie clinique, Erès, 424 p., 2009 ;

Questions d’argent, co-ordonnated by JP. Bouilloud & V. Guienne, Desclée de Brouwer, 1999 ;

Issue 13 of the journal la Revue Internationale de Psychosociologie, dedicated to « Pratiques sociales de l’argent », 2000 ;

N° 8 of the journal la Revue de Changement Social, « Argent, valeurs et sentiments », 2005.


Centre for Research in Sociology (CERS)

CERS is a sociological research centre devoted to the study of two important issues: how social values are formed and how collective feelings take shape.

These issues combine to provide four directions for the centre’s current research programme:

  • Sociology of money,

  • Anthropology of moral attitudes,

  • A clinical approach to political phenomena,

  • The sociology of knowledge.

The sociological methods of the research centre are enriched by contributions from the fields of psychology, psychoanalysis, economics, management, history and philosophy.

Domiciled at ESCP Europe the CERS works in close collaboration with the Laboratoire de Changement Social (Research Centre for Social Change) at University of Paris VII. The two research structures have several concurrent research projects.

The CERS is a meeting place and discussion forum as well as a research centre. Each year it organises an annual seminar on a topic of central interest to the centre. It also organises conferences and workshops throughout the year (a recent jointly organized conference at ESCP Europe look at “globalisation and its impacts”). The CERS conducts focussed research on specific topics in collaboration with other research institutions and publishes scientific works.


CERS members include teachers, researchers, doctoral candidates and people from industry with an interest in the activities and research of the centre.

A team of four professors lead the centre and define its areas of interest.

The team is responsible for organizing the annual seminar, workshops and research projects. The annual seminar is open to all interested individuals.

CERS Management

Jean-Philippe Bouilloud
Professor at ESCP Europe, member of the Laboratoire de Changement Social (University of Paris VII), lecturer at Paris VII, co-director of the journal Changement social, co-editor of Pour l’histoire des sciences de l’homme.

    • Eugène Enriquez, Emeritus Professor (Sociology) at University of Paris VII-Denis Diderot, member of the Laboratoire de Changement Social (Paris VII), editor of the journal la Revue Internationale de Psychosociologie.
    • Jacqueline Barus-Michel, Emeritus Professor (clinical social psychology) at University of Paris VII-Denis Diderot, membre of the Laboratoire de Changement Social (Paris VII).
    • Anne Vincent-Buffault, Historian, specialized in the social history of feelings, member of the Laboratoire de Changement Social (Paris VII).