Daniel Rouach

Armand Ngassa



GTI Lab - Technology and Innovation Group


GTI Lab (Technology and Innovation Group) is an ESCP Europe research
centre founded in 1997 by Daniel Rouach, and active in 3 main fields: 

  • International Management of Technology Transfer;

  • Competitive Intelligence;

  • Technology Clusters and Technology Innovation.

GTI Lab aims at strengthening ESCP Europe’s expertise in these specific fields, and at contributing to the school’s research activities. This is done through constant publications, the development of new research and didactic materials, and the organization of specific research events.

GTI Lab members foster research and consulting projects throughout workshops, case studies and postgraduate professional education. The seminars and conferences hosted by the GTI Lab involve industry experts and corporate representatives, in order to enhance cross-cultural exchanges and discussions; the international dimension of GTI Lab research activities being crucial for the Group.

Scientific Director

Daniel Rouach
Associate Professor in the Strategy, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Department in the Paris campus. Doctorate in Management Science, Université de Lyon III, MBA International Business Management, York University Toronto, Canada, MBA CESMA Marketing, Groupe EM Lyon.