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Health Management Innovation Research Centre (HMI)

HMI - Health Management Innovation Research Centre - ESCP Europe

The increasing and ageing of population, higher number of people living with long-term conditions and growing demand for more advanced healthcare and more expensive technologies represent just a few of the challenges that Health Systems are currently facing.

In this context, there is a growing fear that the current healthcare system is not sustainable. Management is one lever that can help solve these issues. Health care organizations are currently facing the challenge of transforming there management practice and appropriating new management techniques.

Health Management Innovation (HMI) Research Centre is an initiative that aims to help these organizations in this process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help improve quality and performance of care by fostering innovation in health management through knowledge creation and sharing. The Centre is a platform organized around researchers where practitioners, health care executives, members of governmental or public bodies and academics can exchange knowledge and new insights regarding healthcare domain and more specifically innovation in health management. This covers technology, performance management, organisational design, human capital, financing, business models etc. that can allow, on one side, to improve the quality of care and, on the other, to increase the sustainability of the Health Systems.

Bringing together the expertise of our faculty and many external international associates, the objective of the HMI Centre is to contribute to current academic knowledge and emphasize the practice of health-related organisations. Applying research methods can indeed help managers solve complex operational problems by shedding new light on them while creating valuable academic knowledge.

HMI centre's activities will therefore, add value to our corporate and government partners by:

  • Addressing operational problems and helping identify appropriate solutions to them
  • Fostering practice exchange with the aim of helping actors to appropriate good practices
  • Advising on issues related to health management

Research Themes

The HMI Lab is focused on providing the best research results in the health industry.

Priority is given to topics with high innovation and managerial relevancy, and research developed in close cooperation with specialized people in the field.

The Lab's research themes cover a wide range of topics related to Healthcare, including but not limited to:

  • Innovative Health Care Management Solutions

  • Health care performance management

  • Hospital Organisational Performance

  • Health care Policies and Regulations

HMI Scientific Directors

Olivier Saulpic, Professor ESCP Europe (Paris Campus), Head of the Management Control Department

Davide Sola, Professor ESCP Europe (London Campus)