INCLUDEE Research Centre

Inclusion, Uniqueness and Diversity in Education and Enterprises

Until now, diversity has been studied in management and in related social sciences by focusing on some specific community traits:  gender, ethnic minorities, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Indeed, after several years of segmented diversity policies, this approach has revealed its limits: designing specific tools for specific populations can lead to their stigmatization as well as to the discouragement of other employees, if not to an increased exclusion or stereotyping of those very populations the policies aimed to protect.

The objective of this interdisciplinary research center is to break those artificial boundaries and to propose a different representation of diversity, namely inclusion.

Our general aim is to look at each person far beyond the communities he may belong to, so to say as a singular, unique individual. More than a research center on diversity management, we aim to understand how to manage individual differences to create a more inclusive organization, were they companies, schools, governmental or non-profit organizations in general.

Some ongoing research projects:

  • How does the homogeneity of degrees impact careers and organizational performance?
  • What are the careers of those who graduate from an equal opportunity program?
  • How to manage different religious beliefs within organizations?
  • How to include diversity in the measurement of organizational well-being?
  • Developing an inclusive pedagogy: how to foster the learning performance of a diversified student group?
  • The sexualizing of performance at work
  • Uniqueness and luxury consumption
  • Cultural differences and singularity in teamwork.
  • Well being and diversity at school


Prof. Frédérique Alexandre-Bailly
Scientific Director of INCLUDEE