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LabEx RéFi

Financial Regulation Lab

1. Presentation

The financial crisis has highlighted the serious malfunctioning of financial systems and raised the question of efficiency of regulation policies.

The laboratory of excellence for financial regulation (LabExRéFi) has been created to respond to these questions on the initiative of CNAM, Ena, the University of Paris Panthéon Sorbonne and ESCP Europe (the project leader) in the context of the "Grand emprunt".

The LabEx RéFi is a research centre dedicated to the evaluation of regulation policies. The objectives of LabExRéFi are:

  • to improve the understanding of the functioning of financial systems and their regulation.
  • to ”advise” and ”guide” the actions of the public authorities independently, and provide academic expertise.


2. The activities of LabEx RéFi

LabEx RéFi is structured around the 3 centres of activity: research, policy papers and education, and deals with the following topics:

  1. How to regulate?
  2. The quality of accounting standards
  3. Market value of portfolios
  4. Clearing houses
  5. The regulation of structured products
  6. Prudential regulation
  7. The role of rating agencies
  8. The remuneration of financial intermediairies and shareholders
  9. Systemic risk
  10. Valuation of assets
  11. The legal context and ”post-market” activities
  12. Epistemology of the financial crisis


3. Governance and team structure

The governance of LabEx is provided by a Scientific Advisory Board headed by Professor Christian de Boissieu, a Strategic Orientation Advisory Board composed of regulators, academics and professionals, and an executive committee whose members are professors of partner institutions.

LabEx RéFi brings together the researchers of 4 partner institutions: CNAM, ENA, ESCP Europe and the University of Paris Panthéon Sorbonne.