SustBusy: Business and Society - Towards a Sustainable World

Research Center on Sustainability at ESCP Europe

Scientific Director:
Prof. Dr. Sylvie Geisendorf
ESCP Europe Berlin

Visit the SustBusy website
Visit the SustBusy website

Business and Society - Towards a Sustainable World (SustBusy)


The SustBusy research center currently consits of seven research fields from business and economics. You can find a short overview of the research fields below and read more about the projects with a click on the respective link.


Company, Managers and Employees

How can a responsible/sustainable culture be developed? How can these principles be embedded in daily business life? How is the CSR initiative received within the organization and by its stakeholder?

P1: Making sense and embedding CSR within organizations

Project members: Aurélien Acquier, Valentina Carbone, Valerie Moatti


Company, Supply Chain and CSR practices

A process approach of CSR practices in the supply chain from the multinational company to second-tier supplier. How are CSR practices of suppliers located in emerging markets evolving under pressures from the supply chain?

P2: Expanding the frontiers of responsibility: a process approach in the supply chain

Project members: Pilar Acosta, Olivier Delbard

Company, Strategy and Ethics

Formalization of a model for a sustainable strategy and ethical behaviour. How could firms successfully embed CSR in their organization and value chain?

P3: Incorporating sustainability in strategy formulation and execution – experimental approaches and empirical innovation

Project members: Francesco Rattalino


Controlling and CSR Reporting

How do firms communicate their CSR activities to society/investors? Effectiveness of different reporting strategies.

P4: CSR and credibility - Experimental investigation of CSR disclosures

Project members: Rolf Brühl, Johannes Jahn


Marketing and Consumer

Can a lifestyle of anti-consumption improve sustainability? And which anti-consumption lifestyle could have to most positive effect?

P5: Anti-consumption and sustainability

Project members: Marcelo Nepomuceno

Financial Markets and Social Investment

How much should investors allocate to socially responsible investments (SRI)? Are SRI improving portfolio diversification and performance?

National Economy and Policy

How can policy foster sustainability? What effect do environmental economic instruments have if we assume bounded rational agents instead of unrealistic optimization? How does this affect the welfare of the national economy?

P7: Advancing sustainable development by environmental policy - an assessment of policy effects using an ecological-economic multi-agent model

Project members: Sylvie Geisendorf, Christian Klippert


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