Latest Publication

Jahn, Johannes/Eichhorn, Melanie/Brühl, Rolf: How Do Individuals Judge Organizational Legitimacy? Effects of Attributed Motives and Credibility on Organizational Legitimacy, in: Business & Society, 2017


Latest Publication

Brühl, Rolf: Controlling. Grundlagen der erfolgsorientierten Unternehmenssteuerung, 4. Auflage, Verlag Franz Vahlen, München, 2016.

Latest Publication

Richter, Philipp / Brühl, Rolf: Shared service center research: A review of the past, present, and future, in: European Management Journal, 2016, S. 1-13, Online:

Chair of Business Ethics and Management Control

Prof. Dr. Rolf Brühl

"Management Control has been established as one of the central functions across several departments in management which has mainly to ensure the orientation for success of all company employees. This area has many interesting theoretical and practical aspects which we deal with in research and education. We prefer a methodology pluralism in research that adopts flexible to different questions. Various teaching methods for diversity are applied in our education. Regular lectures and case studies presented by professionals strengthen practical contacts."

Prof. Dr. Rolf Brühl, Head of Chair

Staff members

Team Management Control

The team from left to right:

Dr. Michael Hanzlick (Alumnus); Prof. Dr. Rolf Brühl; Johannes Jahn, M.Sc.; Dipl.-Psych. Melanie Eichhorn; Philipp Richter, M.Sc.; Dipl.-Soz.-Wiss. Tobias Lewerenz (former student assistant).