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Supporting ESCP Europe in the UK

ESCP Europe Business School is a registered charity in the United Kingdom (charity no. 293027).

All contributions have a significant impact on the development of the School, supporting a range of diverse activities including research, company projects, scholarships, conferences, etc.

Gifts to ESCP Europe Business School London campus are tax deductible for individual donors or companies.

If you are an individual wishing to make a one-off gift to ESCP Europe, please click the button below.

Company Donations

If your company makes a qualifying donation of money to a charity, you can offset the donation against your profits for Corporation Tax. This can potentially reduce your profits to nil, although you cannot use donations to increase any losses.

Gifts of money made to a charity by your company should be paid gross, i.e. before tax is deducted. These donations are deductible from the total profits of your business when calculating Corporation Tax.

ESCP Europe does not need to make a Gift Aid tax repayment claim on this kind of donation as no tax has been paid. The School can claim exemption from tax on company donations.

Donate to ESCP Europe via bank transfer:

Account Name: ESCP-EAP Foundation
Sort Code: 20-65-18
Account Number: 93741583
IBAN: GB26 BARC 2065 1893 7415 83
Bank: Barclays Bank PLC
Address: Oxford City Centre, PO Box 333, Oxford, OX1 3HS

Qualifying for Tax Relief

Your company can claim tax relief if the donation made is a payment of money that is not a distribution of profit, such as a dividend.

For donations to qualify, any benefits provided to your company or a 'connected' person must be below the following limits:


Benefit Value Limit

£0 - £100


25% of the donation

£101 - £1,000



Above £1,000
(donated up to and including 5th April 2007)


2.5% of the donation

Above £10,000
(donated up to and including 5th April 2007)



Above £1,000
(donated on or after 6th April 2007)


5% of the donation

Above £10,000
(donated on or after 6th April 2007)



A person is 'connected' if they are:

  • The donor's husband, wife, civil partner or linear relative (e.g. son, daughter, parent, grandparent, or grandchild)
  • Any linear relative of the donor's wife, husband or civil partner
  • A company under the control of the donor, or under the control of any of the above

Donations that do not qualify for Corporation Tax relief:

  • Gifts that come with a condition of repayment
  • Gifts where your company, or a person 'connected' to your company, has received a benefit over a certain value in return
  • Gifts that come with a condition or arrangement that the charity will purchase property (other than as a gift) from your company or a connected person

Companies can also claim Corporation Tax relief on other gifts to charity. For further information please visit the HMRC website.

Individual Donors

Donating to a Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is the most tax efficient way for individual donors to support ESCP Europe Business School.

  • What is Gift Aid?
    Gift Aid allows charities to reclaim the basic rate tax already paid on the money donated. This means that donations to ESCP Europe can be worth an extra 25p for every £1 donated, at no extra cost to the donor.

  • How does Gift Aid work?
    Donors must simply complete a declaration stating that they pay enough tax to cover what ESCP Europe will reclaim from HM Revenue & Customs. If you pay higher tax rate, you can claim the difference between this higher rate of tax (40 and/or 50 per cent) and the basic rate of tax 20 per cent on the total 'gross' value of your donation to ESCP Europe or CASC.

    For example, if you donate £100, the total value of your donation to the charity is £125. So you can claim back:

    • £25 - if you pay tax at 40 per cent (£125 × 20%)
    • £37.50 - if you pay tax at 50 per cent (£125 × 20%) plus (£125 × 10%)

  • How can CAF reclaim 25% when the basic rate of tax is currently 20%?
    The basic rate of tax is calculated on the gross amount of the donation. This means CAF can reclaim 20% of the amount you earned before tax was deducted which works out to be 25% of the amount that CAF receive. To put it simply, for every £10 donation made through CAF, £2.50 is reclaimed on behalf of ESCP Europe Business School.

Making your donation through the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

One-off donations
You can make a fast, secure donation to ESCP Europe Business School straight from your credit or debit card. And if you are a UK tax payer, you can increase the value of your gift by up to 25% with Gift Aid by simply ticking the box in the Gift Aid declaration.

Long-term support: