ESCP Europe in London is a registered charity in the United Kingdom (UK Registered Charity No. 293027). All contributions have a significant impact on the development of the School, supporting a range of diverse activities including research, company projects, scholarships, the Summer Gala, etc.

Gifts to ESCP Europe London campus are tax deductible for individual donors or companies.

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Registered Office
527 Finchley Road
London NW3 7BG
Registered in England No. 1876779
Company limited by guarantee

Local Governance

Board of Trustees

The School's governing body is the Board of Trustees, which is appointed to supervise the functions of management although, at an operational level, many of these functions are delegated to the UK Director.

The Board of Trustees also delegates functions relating to the overall planning, co-ordination, development and supervision of the academic work of the School.

The Board of Trustees exercises its responsibilities by:

  • Ensuring the School has relevant educational aims with clear and specific objectives.
  • Ensuring that the basic operations of the School are carried out effectively.
  • Ensuring the School complies with all relevant legislation.

Trustees of the Charity:

  • Ernest Raymond Anthony Travis – Chairman
  • Hugues du Rouret: CCIR
  • Jean-Paul Vermes: President of the CCIR
  • Yves Portelli: Deputy General Director of the CCIR, in charge of education
  • Etienne Guyot: Chief Executive Officer at the CCIR
  • Patrick Gounelle: President of the French Board of ESCP Europe
  • Franck Bournois – Dean of ESCP Europe
  • Laurent Feniou
  • Rodney Eastwood
  • Laurence Milsted

The Board of Trustees has delegated to the UK Director the responsibility and authority for the leadership, administration and management of the School.