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Maria Tsianti
Senior Manager, Careers Service

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7443 8818

What Our Students Say

"The main goal of business school students is to find a great job after graduation, and ESCP Europe is famous for providing students with the best job opportunities.

"At the very beginning of my programme, the Careers Office provided masterclasses that helped students understand the peculiarities of UK labour market, such as deadlines, CV structure, and application processes. They also organised weekly workshops to prepare for assessment centres or to improve your case-study problem-solving skills.

"When it comes to my personal experience with the careers team, I am very grateful to Enrico, Laura and Maria. From the very first day I had plenty of questions about application processes in the UK, and Enrico was very happy to answer all of them. He helped me with my CV and cover letters, correcting them according to the needs of the company to which I was applying.
"Enrico and Laura helped me a lot with my preparation for an interview with Bloomberg. Laura was very straightforward with her feedback, and this motivated me to work more on my preparation. She was always ready to help, even when she was sick.

"Maria was extremely patient helping me with the preparation for an interview with Mitie. She carefully explained to me the specificities of the industry and gave useful tips on how to prepare for the interview. Moreover, Maria coordinated consulting projects and she dealt with all the issues and questions we had with the client company or our tutor.

"Despite being a busy department, Enrico, Maria and Laura were happy to see everyone and they were always friendly. I will miss them and all the employees of the London campus when I move to Berlin."

Olga P.
MEB student (London-Berlin track)
Class of 2016

The Careers Service

About Us

The London Careers Service is run by Maria Tsianti. She provides a comprehensive portfolio of personalised careers advice which is available to any ESCP Europe student at the London campus.

The Careers Service is not just for finalists or those with a clear idea about what to do after graduation; you can use it throughout your time at ESCP Europe, and for many reasons. Some of you may just want help with applications and interviews, while others may have specific issues to tackle before beginning the process of finding an internship.

What We Do

Below is a list of the events and services available via the Careers Service.


All students on ESCP Europe Master programmes must complete an internship as a part of their studies. These are expected to last a minimum number of weeks which varies from programme to programme.

The Careers Service will support you in the internship search. Internship offers will be advertised via email and on the intranet, although we do encourage all students to source their own placements.

To view a range of the companies who have recently worked with ESCP Europe students, please click here.

If you are an organisation wishing to find out more about offering ESCP Europe students an internship, please visit our dedicated Internships page in the Corporate Relations section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the London campus Careers Service office?
Maria is based in Room G08.

What are your office hours?
Maria is available from 9am until 5pm. If you wish to meet with him for a longer chat, please make an appointment in advance.

Where can the internship reports be found?

In the library (G80). You can view the reports on the library computers.

Where do we get CV and cover letter advice from?
Maria can provide this kind of advice, but you must make an appointment with him in advance. If you just require a CV check, please leave it in the CV Box found in the Careers Office. He will check it and leave it in your pigeon hole.

What do I do when I get an internship offer?
You need to inform the Careers Service office, fill in the authorisation form and submit it to Maria.

Where do we get a company's contact details from?
The Careers Service office cannot provide contact details for individual companies. However, they can advise you on how to conduct research.

When do we get support from the Careers Service office with regards to internships?
This depends on your internship cycle. Events and support will be provided 2-3 months in advance.