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Top 10 Business school in Europe

Financial Times annual ranking for business schools.

Turin Campus

The founders

The birth of the Torino campus was possible thanks to the support of its founders:

  • The Torino Chamber of Commerce (CCIAA): as well as being a founding partner, the CCIAA supports the development of the Torino campus, offering financial support.
  • The University of Torino: founded in 1404, the University is on of the oldest in Europe and its "Scuola di Management ed Economia - SME" (the former "Facoltà di Economia") is one of the best in Italy. Since 1992 it has had a strong partnership with ESCP Europe. The SME awards the Italian degrees and offers support with infrastructures and facilities (e.g. library, classrooms).

Other organisations also supported the birth of ESCP Europe Torino Campus: Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione CRT.

The Torino campus has strong relationships with a number of Italian and international companies, which contribute to its governance. Other institutions and companies that would like to support the Foundation can join, as ESCP Europe Torino campus partners.

Local governance

ESCP Europe has a coordinated model of Governance by an Executive Team at European level, and a local one for each campus.

The ESCP Europe Torino campus was founded with the clear objective of bringing together companies and young talents. This is the reason why here the school choosed a structure that provides a strong interaction with companies.

ESCP Europe Torino's governing body is a Foundation - Fondazione European School of Management Italia - which was appointed for promoting academic research and education in the management field.

Fondazione European School of Management Italia

The Fondazione European School of Management Italia is situated in one building belonging to the University of Study of Torino - Scuola di Management ed Economia - in corso Unione Sovietica 218 bis in Torino, and it was created with the aim of promoting management education and research.

The aim of the Foundation is twofold:

  • to manage academic activities, under the agreement between ESCP Europe and SME, for ESCP Europe Torino campus programmes; from the development of courses, to the planning and coordination of educational activities for students, Alumni and professors, etc.;
  • to design and offer a wide range of educational services for the development of stakeholders, such as private companies, public companies, institutions, etc. 

Board of Directors


  • President Prof. Francesco Profumo, Professor at Politecnico di Torino
  • Vice President M. Jean-Paul Vermes, Président en charge de l'enseignement Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de région Paris Ile-de-France
  • Prof. Giacomo Büchi, Professor of Business Economics and Board Member at Università di Torino
  • Yves Portelli, Directeur général adjoint enseignement, recherche et formation Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de région Paris Ile-de-France
  • M. Patrick Gounelle, Membre Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de région Paris Ile-de-France, Président du Conseil ESCP Europe
  • Prof. Frank Bournois, Directeur Général ESCP Europe
  • Avv. Licia Mattioli, President Unione Industriale Torino
  • Prof. Alessandro Sembenelli, Professor of Econometrics at Dipartimento di Scienze ESOMAS


Honorary Members