Scientific Director:
Prof. Dr. Robert Wilken

ESCP Europe Business School
Heubnerweg 8-10
D-14059 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 32007 167

Research Assistant:

Hannah Nagler, Dipl.Psych.




Teams in International Business Research Center



The research centre on “Teams in International Business” (TIB), directed by Prof. Dr. Robert Wilken, originates from a simple idea: to combine two observations from today’s management practice and to provide practically relevant research answers that are rooted in the combination of these two observations:

  1. An overwhelming number of management tasks are performed in teams.

  2. Many markets, businesses and consumers, cross borders.

Under the TIB umbrella, several ESCP Europe researchers in Berlin and Paris, including doctoral students, as well as additional researchers and practitioners from outside ESCP Europe, collaborate on a rather diverse set of topics. Research questions to be tackled include:

  • How should teams be composed (e.g. in terms of roles, competences, experiences) to achieve good results, and what constitutes “good results”?

  • To what extent does team composition matter for success in intercultural business negotiations?

  • What are the key competences (e.g. flexibility, open-mindedness) for success in international projects?

This exemplary list also illustrates the interdisciplinary ambition of TIB members to acknowledge the fact that in management practice, problems can only be solved comprehensively when tackled from different angles (e.g. marketing, human resources, strategy). TIB welcomes researchers from outside ESCP Europe and encourages companies to submit questions related to its core topic.

Scientific Director