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Customised Programmes Paris
Sammy Bahda-Delattre
+ 33 1 49 23 21 66

Customised Programmes London
Francesco Morrone
+44 207 443 8816

Customised Programmes Berlin
Laurence Schwer
+49 30 320 07 214

Customised Programmes Madrid
Olga Alonso Pelegrin
+34 91 386 2511

Customised Programmes Torino

Jessica Allasia
+39 344 2263518

Creating your custom European Learning Tour with ESCP Europe

Whether you are looking to focus on the European economy or aspects of business life in Europe; on understanding how cross-cultural aspects of various regions can impact on setting up businesses; or simply acquire a greater understanding of skills such as marketing or finance, ESCP Europe can assist in building a customised study track.




Build your own learning experience across Europe by selecting...

Executive Education: Customised programmes for companies

ESCP Europe takes you on a journey through the European world of business

European Identity – Global perspective: what our ethos means for companies working with ESCP Europe

With a population of more than 540 million, Europe is the largest trading bloc in the world. It is also the 2nd largest global economic power. But there is no need to feel intimidated by this vast and complex economy: let ESCP Europe guide you!

ESCP Europe's five campuses are a 'playing field' for a custom programmes on how to do business in Europe. With rich and international academic resources and proven best business practices at our disposal, we are able to build customised programmes that fit your needs. ESCP Europe is the gateway to doing business in Europe.

Cross-cultural, inter-cultural, transnational, cross-border: these are the key words of today's economy and growth perspectives. By co-creating their courses with ESCP Europe, businesses can provide their managers with the keys to success in European markets.


How does it work?

Build your own learning experience across Europe by selecting all the ingredients of your programme.
Duration, topics and expertises, locations, experiences... you can decide what fit the best your objectives.

To help, we suggest you to find out above inspiring examples of programmes.

Get inspirations from 3 examples of flagship tours