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Less than one month after its signature, the Circular Economy Chair took its first step, attending this special major event.



The YY Campus Tour started at ESCP Europe on November 21 invited by NOISE, a network of ESCP Europe students & young professionals that promotes social innovation in higher education and helps students become actors of change. It’s completely aligned with what Muhammad Yunus says so well: "Today´s young people represent one of the three megapowers that I believe will transform global society in the next few decades.” Also matching with the “designing tomorrow” mission of ESCP Europe…

Predictably, a packed room welcomed the father of social business, the genius innovator in the field of microcredit and microfinance, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 and nicknamed the "Banker of the Poor". The students showed by their presence their willingness to play a role in the transformation of the economic, ecological and social model.

Professor Aurélien Acquier, Head of Sustainability Transition at ESCP Europe and Scientific co-Director of the brand new Circular Economy Chair signed with Deloitte, welcomed Professor Muhammad Yunus on stage.

To relive the whole conference, click here.


Muhammad Yunus at ESCP Europe

Aurélien Acquier also met with Professor Yunus behind the scene for a special interview:

Here are a few key take-aways from Professor Yunus:
"There are two kinds of business: business to make money & business to solve problems. I see business to make money but where is business to solve problems? Where is social business?"
"We are not job seekers, we are all entrepreneurs. Your job is to build new roads."
"Technology is a blessing but technology is also a curse." 
"Your thinking process is solid after your studies. By the time you start your career, your job, it’s fixed. Use this power now."
"Anybody can focus on a social problem and start small."

Several collaborators also represented Deloitte among the public: Armelle Weisman, Partner; Catherine Jacquet, Director; Benoit Tinetti, Director; Cynthia Grouazel, Senior and Florent Maccario, Senior. 

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