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The Digital Transformation Facilitator blended programme certified by ESCP will take place for the second time, and new awards will be presented to innovative companies in February.

Just like the sequels to the Rocky or Godfather movies’, the 2019 Talent Forum hopes to strike an even bigger blow on 19 and 20 February in Paris. Digital Transformation Awards will also be presented for the first time to innovative companies at the school’s Montparnasse (Paris) campus on the 18th.

ESCP Dean and Executive President Frank Bournois will present the inaugural prizes to five companies, all of them international groups represented by their General Manager or Chief Digital Officer (or equivalent): Appolo Hospitals (predictive medicine, India), Kone (elevators, Finland), Orient Overseas Container Line (maritime transport logistics, Hong-Kong), Volvo Cars (Sweden) and Western Union (financial services & communications, USA).

The 2019 Talent Forum, which will take place at the Docks de Paris Aubervilliers, is a sequel to the two-day Digital Transformation Facilitator blended programme designed and certified by ESCP in collaboration with Netexplo, the reference observatory of digital innovations. It was based on the teachings of three important studies (Talent Foresight, Talent Corporate and Talent Survey), the results of which were presented to 1,200 company executives and managers at UNESCO in early 2018 during the first ever Talent Forum.

Like last year’s event, it is under the pedagogical responsibility of ESCP, whose teachers will provide thematic training useful for conducting digital transformation projects. But in addition to the masterminds of the inaugural edition - Frank Bournois and Senior Fellow Alexandre Tissot – and the scientific director of the Master of Science in Big Data & Business Analytics, Wei Zhou, many other ESCP professors shall contribute to the success of the second one: Nathalie Estellat, who is the coordinator of the school’s Factory for the Future Chair, Marion Festing, the scientific director of its Intercultural Management Chair, Martin Kupp, Emmanuelle Léon and Giovanni Scarso Borioli. 

Download the 2019 Talent guidebook here.

As a reminder, here is a presentation of the Digital Transformation Facilitator online certificate offered by ESCP, and what the first certified facilitators had to say about it (in French).