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Regatta 2019
The most exclusive sporting event of the world’s oldest Business School

As a yearly rendez-vous, next May, a new edition of Regatta ESCP will land on the wonderful Italian shores of Porto Rotondo, Sardinia.

This non-competitive sailing event is among the most important get-togethers the ESCP network remembers.

Four keywords are exemplary - sport, education, fun and networking

These serve as mantra for the society founded back in 2007. Twelve years have gone by, now the society is carried on by 25 ESCP students scattered across the continent and sharing the same desire to nurture the sense of community that the event fosters.

Regatta ESCP aims to become one of the largest international student event – said Prof. Francesco Rattalino, Dean of the ESCP Campus of Turin – on the one hand it is an opportunity for participants to create new personal and professional networks in an informal context, on the other hand it allows the organizers to show their sense of initiative in designing and managing a big event.

As for the upcoming XII edition of Regatta ESCP, we can only state that it will be unforgettable, especially on such significant year for our community. We are the flagship event to celebrate the Bicentenary of our Business School. The thorough selection of the location proves the effort: One of the most exclusive locations in the whole country, Porto Rotondo is famous for its breathtaking beaches and the unique landscapes it showcases.

The values of Regatta ESCP stretching participants for more than a decade will remain unvaried but as every year the purpose is to outpace history and you can be sure that everyone will be amazed by the new location and the activities designed by the team.

Regatta 2019 starts on Thursday with the Entry day. All participants flowing to the destination, it goes on with Friday as the Sailing day, Saturday will be Competition day with a fleet Regatta followed by the Gala night to celebrate the last moments with elegance. Sunday finally will be Packing day, such a heartbreaking moment every year.

Regatta ESCP is not just a simple event

Every day The Regatta Team has deployed enthusiasm in order to offer something remarkable. The determination is fueled by desire, heart, passion, mind and managerial skills. Iconic to ESCP spirit, the event reflects what distinguishes all of us individually and as a whole.

You, as an Alumnus, represent a major asset of the community we all belong to. You are Excellence, #weareRegatta. Will you be?

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Organiser: Regatta ESCP

Porto Rotondo - Italy



Date de début : 16/05/2019

Heure de début : 9:00 AM

Date de fin : 19/05/2019

Heure de fin : 11:00 PM