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Christian Scherer (1984), CCO of AIRBUS, will present an overview of the aircraft market, dominated by Airbus and Boeing.

The fact is that the performance of the two manufacturers did not leave room for third party competition and that Russian, Japanese and Chinese efforts did not damage the duopoly while Canadians and Brazilians had to get closer to the members of the duopoly. But there is no acquired position without excellence on a daily basis.

Moreover, this duopoly is characterized by fierce competition between two manufacturers who make no gift to each other, while disputes between states have been ongoing since 2004 with the World Trade Organization.

The conference will allow Christian Scherer to shed light on the forms and challenges of this fierce competition, on the emergence of the outstanding technical, commercial and financial success that the AIRBUS programme has become and how to contribute to its sustainability.

Christian Scherer, the Chief Commercial Officer of AIRBUS since September 2018 (and member of the AIRBUS Executive Committee), formerly CEO of ATR (Regional Transport Aircraft) since November 2016 after having been at the head of AIRBUS GROUP INTERNATIONAL in charge of leading the international strategy of the AIRBUS Group.

The event will be held in English and is organized by ESCP Europe and the Aeronautics and Space Group of the ESCP Alumni Association.

Compulsory registration :

ESCP Europe Students

ESCP Alumni and others


Organiser: ESCP Europe

Paris - Campus République - Île-de-France



Date de début : 16/09/2019

Heure de début : 6:30 PM

Heure de fin : 8:00 PM