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Bachelor in Management (BSc)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

A - Various questions

  1. Quel type d'étudiants recherchons-nous ?

    We are looking for high-calibre students with excellent grades who are interested in the various subjects offered by our Bachelor programme. Our students typically rank in the top 10% of their academic cohort, having successfully completed their secondary education with high honours or distinction, and are keen to study in different countries with students from all over Europe and beyond. They have a very good command of English and speak further languages, which they are eager to improve during their studies at ESCP Europe. Ideal candidates are interested in different cultures and multicultural settings and have an affinity with quantitative disciplines (taking into account the mathematics and economics content of the programme).

  2. Date de début et durée du programme

    Le programme débute en septembre. Il s'agit d'un cursus en 3 ans.