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Date : Thursday, March 29, 2018

Time:   6:30 Pm
Place:  Room Amphi Dalsace
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ESCP Europe Paris Campus

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MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics

Welcome & Overview

The first MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics

The MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics at ESCP Europe, one of the world's Top Business Schools, is a 1-year, full-time postgraduate programme across 2 countries for those aiming for a successful career in various job functions: Supply Chain, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance and more.

It is taught in English and takes place at our Paris and Berlin campuses. France and Germany are the perfect starting points to experience the excellence of the usage of big data and business analytics.

This is an innovative degree with an international track in two countries with a truly trans-national and international spirit. It will be taught by global faculty, with a multi-cultural class mix and international corporate network.

The MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics is open to everyone that is passionate about big data, and want to become fluent in the usage of data analytics.

This MSc Programme is perfect for those who want to make performance improvement decisions from a management perspective.

This MSc will bring their business ideas to life and provide an international overview of the Big Data and Business Analytics in many industries!

To be admitted to the programme, you don’t have to be a “specialist” in the Big Data Analytics sector, you only need the desire to become one!

During the programme you will have the opportunity to strengthen your skills through courses covering Business Intelligence, Data science, Data Modeling, Business Process, Managerial Decision Making and various Analytics areas.

Once you have completed the MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics in Paris and Berlin, doors will be open to you in a multinational company or in a small-medium enterprise, in a start-up or in a consolidated business in Europe or around the world.

Some examples of future professional roles after the programme are: Marketing Analyst Manager, Business Consultant Manager, Big Data Analytics Manager, Researcher, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Consultant, Data Solutions Architect, and many others.  

ESCP Europe Business School has a unique focus and experience with almost 200 years of expertise, and provides you with a balance between General Application and Big Data and Business Analytics knowledge to build your unique top-level career path.

With a MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics, give sense to Data! 

  • The Companies recording several data, such as turnover, consumption, production, rates, etc. The aim is to study, interpret and use the data for  performance improvement and decision-making. All these elements require specific treatment and analysis, corresponding to their application in Human Resources, Marketing, Productivity, Business Performance, etc. The Master in Big Data and Business Analytics is created for those who look to understand and analyse the data and to improve company strategies.  

  • This innovative international MSc offers you direct experience of the Business Analytics Sector by studying across France and Germany, countries recognised worldwide for their excellence in this sector.

  • With this MSc Programme in Paris and Berlin you will get valuable experience and an international overview of this variegated industry.

  • With this full-time International MSc you will be better prepared to build your career in applied data analytics, a skillset in high demand in top companies worldwide.

  • You can enhance your profile with strong analytics skills



Scientific Director of the programme

Prof. Dr. Wei Zhou

Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management. He holds a PhD from the University of Florida and has a master degree in electrical engineering. His areas of research interests are in data mining, knowledge-based systems, mechanisms for e-commerce, effectively utilizing information for decision support through analytical models and simulation and supply chain management. 

Nominated as one of the "Star Professor" in business school in France, professor Wei Zhou has an exceptional research experience in data analytics, decision support systems, and operations management. He has published more than 60 research articles. His work has appeared in Annals of Operations Research, Decision Support Systems, European Journal of Information Systems, European Journal of Operations Research, IEEE Letters, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce and Optical Engineering, among others.

Advisory Board

· Frédéric Genta 
Google, Industry Head Retail · Harvard Business School, USA 

· Professor Cuong Le Van
Chaire Emerite, CNRS Research Director · Paris School of Economics, France

· Professor Selwyn Piramuthu 
Frank L. Weyenberg Term Professor · University of Florida, USA

· Professor Wenjing Duan
George Washington University, USA

· Professor Chenbing Chu
Chaire of Supply Chain Management, 1996 Robert Faure Award Winner ·  CentraleSupélec, University of Paris, Saclay, France

· Professor Jeffrey Saltz 
Director, Master of Science of Applied Data Science · Syracuse University, NY, USA

· Professor Feng Chu
University d'Evry, France

· Professor David Sundaram
University of Auckland
, New Zealand