MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics

Structure, Content, Methodology

The right place to be: France and Germany, countries of excellence in the
Big Data & Business Analytics sector

The MSc in Big Data & Business Analytics is a fully taught in English.

The MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics provides relevant business skills for a successful career in Business Analytics.

The programme covers both traditional enterprise scale business intelligent system and the state-of-all big data deep learning and predictive mechanisms.

During this year, you will study fundamental learning methods. Beyond this, methods include: lectures, seminars, tutorials, case studies, workshops, projects, presentations, computer-based activities, reading and private study, group work and group assignments.

The courses are divided in 3 main groups (around 450 teaching hours)

  • Business Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Business Applications
Master and Big data and Business Analytics programme stuctures