MSc in International Sustainability Management

What You Study

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This full-time programme takes place over 24 months, beginning in September and is divided into six terms (trimester).

Programme Structure Master in International Sustainability Management (MSc)



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The coursework is structured as follows:

Lecture-based learning on Sustainability, CSR, Business Ethics, Environmental Management and Marketing, Ecosystems, Climate Change and Economic Theory.

In the field of Sustainability Management, project-based Practice and elective courses are part of the curriculum.


In addition to the coursework, the curriculum includes:

  • Preparing a Master thesis: preparatory courses for planning and conducting a research thesis

  • A Consultancy Project

  • An Internship

  • Career Service and coaching, involving the development of individual skills

  • Foreign Languages: compulsory courses on two foreign languages (different levels)




Term 1 - Berlin Campus

  • Environmental and Sustainability Management
  • Ecosystems, Climate change and Economic theory
  • Language & Career Development

Term 2 - Paris Campus

  • Frameworks for a Sustainability Transition
  • Electives 1
  • Language & Career Development

Term 3 - Paris Campus

  • Sust. Governance and Management in an international context
  • Project Management and Consulting
  • Language & Career Development

Term 4 - Berlin Campus

  • Research Methods, Complex Systems and Organizational Change
  • Electives 2
  • Company Consultancy Project/Case Study

Term 5

  • Master Thesis

Term 6

  • Internship