MSc in Marketing & Creativity

Consultancy Project

The Company Consultancy Project (CCP) is a key and integrated element of the MMK programme, designed to provide students with a collaborative learning experience and demonstrate in a real-world application the concepts and tools studied during the programme.

Students form multinational teams to carry out a six-week, in-depth analysis of a marketing situation or issue faced by a company. In particular, teams are expected to apply creative approaches to solve complex marketing problems.

This gives students the valuable opportunity to work at a professional level with a third-party company or start-up introduced by the School from amongst its diverse range of Corporate Partners. A professor from ESCP Europe supervises the project to offer relevant advice and to ensure that the academic requirements are met.

The CCP results in a series of recommendations that the company can implement to meet the strategic challenge at hand. The company sponsor receives a comprehensive written report and the conclusions of the project are
presented to an academic jury.

Previous topics for Company Consultancy Projects have included:

  • Ground-based creation of a marketing programme for a company start-up
  • Review of global opportunities for an established FMCG product line
  • Design and implementation of a cross-channel communications strategy
  • Study into the impact of digital channels and social media on brand behaviour
  • Development of consumer segmentation and a set of personas for a global luxury product
  • Mapping of a leading online brand community and the value of its content, influence patterns and customer engagement
  • Formulation of a communications campaign to launch new apps for a major TV broadcaster

You can view active Company Consultancy Projects by visiting the Creativity Marketing Centre.

What Our CCP Clients Say

"We are delighted to work with ESCP Europe and are always amazed with the quality of the students' work and conclusions." Uber France

"The output of this project was insightful, refreshing and delivered in the nicest way possible. The whole team did a great job." Patrick Avril, Founder - USE Design

What Our Students Say

Edilia Gaenz, MMK Alumnus

Edilia Gaenz (Germany)
MMK Class of 2013

The most rewarding yet challenging part of the Msc in Marketing & Creativity was the group work. You work together with individuals from different backgrounds with a range of prior experience (e.g. business, art history, economics, psychology, design) to solve business challenges in a creative way.

The Company Consultancy Project was very intense and a valuable professional experience. My team’s mission was to conduct an in depth analysis of eCommerce performance by more than 100 companies in order to identify best practices in e-commerce today. After a quantitative and qualitative analysis we identified key best practices and developed recommendations for cross-industry learnings to improve the customer’s journey.

Sharing insights and learning about diverse approaches was a truly enriching experience. The challenge was to leverage this diversity in an effective and efficient way in order to develop adequate strategies and innovative solutions. I am certain the knowledge I gained will serve me well in my career!