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Our Partners

We run this module in partnership with two organisations that bring access to local communities, social enterprise knowledge, and expertise in delivering safe experiential learning programmes in the developing world designed to benefit all participants.

Gawad Kalinga (GK) is a Philippine-based organisation that aims to end poverty by first restoring the dignity of the poor. It employs an integrated and holistic approach to empowerment with value-formation and leadership development at its core. Established in 2003, GK currently works with over 2,000 communities and has been recognised by the 2006 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee & 2012 Skoll Awardee for Social Entrepreneurship. GK has already worked with individuals and teams from the business world and universities such as ESCP Europe (110 students), HEC, LSE, Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard.

The Great Generation (TGG) is a UK-based organisation founded by professionals from the corporate world and tuned to the reality of the business world. For the past nine years, TGG has advised and mentored NGOs, community-based organisations and social enterprises working to build their business capacity and impact the lives of thousands of people with a focus on livelihoods and access to quality education. TGG has already worked with teams and individuals from the business world and universities such as ESCP Europe (an ongoing partnership established five years ago), University of Westminster, Barclays and IBM.

MSc in Marketing & Creativity

Managing for Social Impact

Students from the MMK out in Uganda in 2012

Marketers play an important role in society by bringing products, services and, more generally, solutions to consumers. This role comes with important responsibilities.

Because they are adept at understanding people and communities, and at delivering effective messages, marketers can actually have an important positive impact on society, particularly by addressing some of the key challenges faced in our modern communities. Some of these challenges also require a great deal of creativity and problem-solving skills. Our Managing for Social Impact module is a highly innovative social entrepreneurship, experiential-learning module running through the four terms of the MSc in Marketing & Creativity.

The module is designed to encourage students to reflect upon pressing social problems, such as poverty and access to basic needs, and focuses on the growing realisation that sustainable social impact can best be achieved by applying market-based solutions.

During the module, the students are challenged to employ their marketing and management skills to develop creative solutions for a better world, working alongside social entrepreneurs either in the UK or in the context of an emerging economy.

Students are offered the choice between taking part in one of two experiential-learning missions overseas or completing a London-based social consultancy project with an organisation closer to home. Previous year groups have travelled to Uganda and worked with grassroots organisations to develop revenue-generating businesses and to build local competences; they have also worked during term time with a range of organisations on issues such as international microcredit, disadvantaged child and orphan care, corporate transparency and social entrepreneurship.

In addition to the impact they have through their projects, students hone their Creativity Marketing skills and develop greater understanding of important but often overlooked segments of consumers. These consumers, whether in western countries or in the developing world, are increasingly relevant to the strategies of forward-thinking companies. The module combines lectures on some of the conceptual bases underlying social impact in business, case studies showing best practices, presentations by social entrepreneurs, seminars and discussions with business leaders who embrace social business, and hands-on social entrepreneurship projects.

You can view active projects by visiting the Creativity Marketing Centre.

Previous Projects

Aurélien Lemasson-Théobald, MMK Class of 2016 student, travelled to Uganda with The Great Generation and two other classmates to complete his Managing For Social Impact module:

"The [Roses of Mbuya] business model was poor and unoptimised in terms of costs, production, marketing and clients. In two weeks, we had to design a two-tier strategy to help them build a profitable and sustainable business model ..." Read more

MMK student Miguel J Saavedra reflects on his experience in the Philipines in 2015, working with Gawad Kalinga:

"Our trip was in partnership with Gawad Kalinga (GK), a Philippines-based NGO, and was paid for by each of us individually (although we raised funds as a group). The objective was to develop the skills necessary to generate positive social impact in our future careers as managers ..." Read more

Marketing for Change (M4C) was the team founded by the MMK Class of 2013 students for their trip in July 2012. Alongside The Great Generation, M4C partnered with the Kawempe Home Care (KHC) in Kampala, Uganda.

The 2012 project involved two major activities: mushroom farming and paper bags. Thirty people in the Kampala community were recruited and trained to develop those activities and recieved M4C's help to create a business and marketing strategy. They benefited from the partnership with ESCP Europe's marketing students to develop the best possible solutions for their community in the long run, and this will hopefully contribute to generate a sustainable income for the community and support KHC.

A team of nine ESCP Europe students and one member of staff went to Uganda to help with the implementation phase of the project and personally train those involved. Overall, there were more than 50 students from the School involved in the social enterprise, supporting and coordinating activities around the project.

Reflecting on the experience

Mathilde Vielle, an MMK student who went to Uganda in 2012.

Mathilde Vieille was one of the students who travelled out to Uganda in July 2012.

"The project in Uganda was my favorite of all those on which I worked while studying at ESCP Europe. I am very glad and thankful to the School for giving me the opportunity to experience such an adventure.

I used this opportunity to its fullest to learn more about how to create an organisation, how to implement a fundraising strategy, and how to work on a business project in another context with which I was previously unfamiliar. Working in Uganda was a real challenge: first the conditions (risk of technical failures, etc.), but also at a human level as we do not have the same way of working as the people at KHC (the medical centre with whom we collaborated).

The cultural differences were also pretty interesting, especially for our group of 10 who represented nine nationalities already! Our team was a mix of diverse nationalities, but also diverse personalities. I believe each one of us brought his/her personal touch to the project and made this trip special.

I believe there are many things to do in Uganda, and in Africa as a whole - the opportunities on offer made me rethink my career options: where I want to work, how, and why.

On a personal level, I was very blessed by this trip - not only is it a real asset to my resume, but it was above all a deep experience that changed my way of seeing things. I hope I can be in touch with the next team of volunteers (the MMK Class of 2014), and that they will continue what we started with the non-profit organisation Marketing For Change.

I would be delighted to remain involved in this project, wherever I am and whatever I do in the future."