MSc in Marketing & Creativity

Professional Thesis

The Professional Thesis is a further opportunity for MSc in Marketing and Creativity students to enhance the learning and skills gained from the MMK programme and deepen both knowledge and understanding of their chosen field of marketing or business.

As part of the individual Company Internship, each student selects a research topic of particular interest for analysis. Recommendations are prepared using clear, logical argumentation and drawing upon original desk research, interviews or a case study carried out during their assignment.  

Each thesis project is supervised and guided by a member of Faculty or expert in the relevant field. Students are encouraged to pick a topic of personal interest or one highly relevant to their career plan, stepping outside of the day-to-day work they are performing in their internship and thinking about how the issue relates to broader concepts and to other sectors and types of companies.

At the end of the programme, a written thesis is submitted and a viva voce oral examination held at which the research is presented to and assessed by an academic jury.   

The Professional Thesis is a major part of the MMK syllabus and accounts for 30 of the programme's 90 ECTS credits.  The research report produced is designed to act as a potential springboard for future career opportunities.