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Master in International Food & Beverage Management

Consultancy Projects

Build your expertise in Food & Beverage Management now with the ESCP Europe consultancy project.

Get the invaluable experience of working as a team of consultants on a real challenging management issue proposed by the ESCP Europe Company Partners    of the Food and Beverage sector.

The Consultancy Project is a  professional project carried out in collaboration with companies by multicultural groups of students

Why is a Consultancy Project a unique opportunity in this sector?

Because the Consultancy Project let you directly work with the Business Line of relevant Food and Beverage companies, experiencing what operating in the real business world means.

You will have the chance to meet Managers of the Food and Beverage industry, discussing directly with them the business challenges and learning step by step how the company works in the specific area of the company project (ex. Finance, Marketing, Management Control, HR, Supply Chain, …).

For ESCP Europe Business School Partners the Consultancy Projects are the occasion to benefit from the smart ideas and energy of the Master in IFBM students, and to outsource a piece of project without the money investment required for a traditional consultancy firm.

In addition, thanks to the ESCP Europe Consultancy Projects, the companies of the Food & Beverage sector will have the opportunity to get in touch with interesting profiles for recruiting and employer branding activities.

What exactly is a Consultancy Project for this international Master programme?

The Consultancy Project of the ESCP Europe Master in IFBM is a research study that deals with a real and concrete business problem of the Food and Beverage Company proposing it.

The aim of the Consultancy Project in this growing sector is to supply a result similar to one that a consultancy firm would offer.

The Consultancy Project is carried out in English by a group of university graduates attending the Master in IFBM, mixed by education background and nationality. It is an integrated part of the ESCP Europe Business School Master training programme and, as such, the project evaluation (grading). In particular you will work in groups of 5 under the supervision of a “Company Tutor” assigned by the Food & Beverage Company involved. The Tutor will have the task of assisting and guiding the Master in IFBM students throughout the project to guarantee the achievement of the set goals. It will also be the Tutor’s duty to supply you with all documents and support necessary to carry out the job.

The students of the ESCP Europe Master in IFBM attend classes and at the same time work on the Consultancy Project; for this reason the total amount of work on the Food & Beverage project should not exceed 70 hours per student, about 500 hours total.

Some Examples of Consultancy Projects with Food & Beverage Companies:

Consultancy Projects in the Food & Beverage sector with FERRERO:

  • Employer Branding Strategy
  • Second Life
  • You are in Ferrero
  • Interaction and responsibility overlaps analysis between MKTG and TMK function
  • Sales Service and Customer Care functions: organizational guidelines
  • Investments evaluation in advertising e promotions

Consultancy Projects in the Food & Beverage sector with LAVAZZA:

  • Away from home coffee experience opportunities in an advanced technological environment 
  • New market analysis
  • Lavazza’s competitors in the Italian coffee shop market
  • Lavazza Expression - Feasibility Study
  • Brand Synergies in India
  • Opportunity for Lavazza in the Functional segment
  • NIMS: Proposals for digital activities to strengthen the CRM

Consultancy Projects in the Food & Beverage sector with DIAGEO:

  • Employer Branding Strategy
  • Baileys New Sku Project
  • Promotion and products catalogue