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Master in International Food & Beverage Management

Key features


The ESCP Europe Master in IFBM represents a unique learning experience characterised by its four pillars of strength: its interactive methodology, international experience, the huge potential of the Food & Beverage sector and the strong partnerships with companies.

  • First-Hand Experience in the Food & Beverage sector

The “learning-by-doing” methodology is one of ESCP Europe Business School’s greatest assets and in particular, during this programme, you’ll have the opportunity to experience it thanks to:

 - A Hands-on Approach with interactive lectures based on international case study methodology, integrated teamwork, oral presentations, role-play, business games, outdoor teambuilding activities

 - More than 20 days of company experience, during which you will meet top managers from the Food & Beverage industry and taste products in beautiful territories like Piedmont, Tuscany, the Italian Food Valley (Parma, Modena, Reggio Emilia) and the Champagne Region.

- Consultancy Projects: professional projects carried out in collaboration with companies by multicultural groups of five students

 - Internship or 1st employment of at least four months anywhere in the world in the Food & Beverage industry

 - Corporate speeches through which you can get the entrepreneur’s point of view on how to develop potentially successful ideas, tips and tricks from Food and Beverage experts and listen to professional talks on how to enhance your personal network

  • International Experience

The Master in IFBM at ESCP Europe, one of the best Business schools in the world, is a one-year, full-time postgraduate Master programme across two countries taught completely in English.

It provides direct experience in the Food & Beverage sector bringing you the opportunity to study across Italy and France, territories of excellence with a wealth of unique products and successful entrepreneurs.

The Master in IFBM allows you to interact with a multitude of cultures and managerial styles thanks to ESCP Europe Business School’s global faculty, international class mix and a large corporate network.

  • The Food & Beverage Sector

The International Master in Food & Beverage Management guarantees a perfect balance between General Management skills and Food & Beverage industry knowledge.

It’s a valuable learning experience to build and boost your career in the Food & Beverage sector as a Manager, an Executive or an Entrepreneur.

And let’s not forget the huge potential of the Food & Beverage Industry! It’s a pillar of the EU economy.  

With 4.2 million employees throughout the EU, €1.2 trillion in turnover and a positive trade balance of almost €28 billion (source: FoodDrinkEurope), it represents 15% of the total economy.

  • Companies & Business Links

The Master in IFBM relies on strong partnerships with major leading companies in the Food & Beverage industry.

There is great corporate network involvement at each step of the learning experience, through seminars, consultancy projects, company experiences, internships and career days.

The ESCP Europe Master in IFBM leverages a critical approach and creative answers through real business cases and contact with Food & Beverage companies to stimulate the right entrepreneurial attitude.