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          MBA in International Management

          About the programme

          The MBA in International Management is a one-year, two-country full-time programme which provides young professionals with the business skills and mindset for a successful international career.

          You will join a cohort of students from around the world with diverse educational and professional backgrounds.

          The MBA covers all the functional areas of management and provides a multicultural hands-on experience.

          Key features

          1-year, full-time programme with a strong cross-cultural approach

          Accredited by the Association of MBAs

          2 countries of your choice in Europe

          6 ESCP Europe campuses

          22 electives offered

          Double degrees available

          Experiential learning: 2 Company Consultancy Projects

          One intake per year, in September

          6 reasons to join our MBA in International Management

          Live the cross-cultural experience that makes the difference

          With our six fully-integrated campuses in Europe, our offer to accomplish an MBA in 1 year/2 countries is unique. You will live in two different countries or continents, study in a multicultural class with 25 to 35 different nationalities and with a broad range of backgrounds. Eighty percent of our alumni say that their programme was "A life changing programme" in the sense that nowhere else could they learn to work and interact with such a high level of diversity. This is an invaluable asset in today’s global business environment.

          Be a player in your ESCP Europe MBA in International Management

          We co-build the learning experience with our students. We expect our students to share the insights they have gained, their interpersonal skills and qualities such as curiosity, dynamism, maturity, and open-mindedness with their classmates. Indeed, you will learn as much from your classmates as you will from the courses where active participation inside and outside the classroom is equally important. At ESCP Europe, the human connection comes first!​

          Shape your future and challenge yourself

          Choosing an MBA is to start or enhance your career. At ESCP Europe, you will benefit from a  range of career support activities. You will be able to select among the 20,000 annual jobs and internships offers. Or like 10% of our students you may create or join a startup; or, you will be able to send your CV to companies you’ve dreamed to work for. Joining our ESCP Europe MBA in International Management means having the luxury of choice.

          Study with international Faculty

          You will study, learn, and challenge yourself with our 140 faculty among the best in their respective fields. You will acquire critical thinking and the ability to reinvent and imagine new  ways of doing business. As much as our student body is diverse, so is our Faculty. Studying on our different campuses provides you with a wealth of different perspectives, teaching methods, and school of thoughts.

          Enter the ocean of Blue Factory, the European startup sublimator of ESCP Europe

          1st Business school created in the world 1819 by entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurial spirit animates the school. Many new startups are created every year by our alumni and students. The School still invests and develops on its European campuses the Entrepreneurial dimension: courses, research, colloques, academic incubator, etc. You will be connected, as much as you want and as far as you wish, to the Startup community in the different cities.

          Top up your network with our Alumni and students community

          Network with 4,600 students and executives and with 50,000 alumni in diverse functions and activity sector across 150 countries on the 5 continents. And join the professional community through the Alumni Association in which you can also be involved in the different professional and international groups.

          Directors of the programme

          Prof. Dr. Véronique Tran

          Associate Dean - MBA in International Management

          Pascale Martin-Saint-Etienne

          Director of the MBA in International Management