Europäisches Promotionsstudium in Internationaler Betriebswirtschaftslehre


The regular period of doctoral study is three years. In their first year doctoral students take part in block seminars and lectures. The seminars build on the students’ university education and, in addition, coach the methodical and methodological skills needed to successfully write a thesis. The seminars are offered as block courses and have the following thematic priorities:

- International Management,

- Theoretical and methodological problems of intercultural / international   comparative research,

- Research programs in economics,

- Methods of the empirical social research and

- Theorie of Science.

The second and third years are primarily devoted to writing the thesis, which takes place in close coordination with the supervising professor. Parallel to this, in the framework of research colloquia, current topics of international business studies and related disciplines are taken up and discussed with regard to both contents and methods. In the colloquia, too, doctoral students regularly report on the progress of their thesis, subjecting their work to critical discussion.

In order to further academic exchange at the Business School, the participants of the programme take part in workshops with doctoral students from other ESCP Europe campuses. Visits abroad for research purposes, as well as the presentation of research results at international congresses, are encouraged, and receive financial support from the ESCP Europe network. The course of study ends with the “disputation”, the oral defence of the thesis.