Paris-Berlin "Ph.D." Workshops

Each year, a seminar bringing together ESCP Europe Paris Campus and Berlin Campus Students is organized around the theme: Publishing in international journals, presenting the first steps to a journal publication: the special genre of academic articles, choosing a journal, publishing strategies...

ESCP Europe Faculty share their experience in their discipline.

Doctoral Programmes


Etudiants et professeurs Programme Ph.D. Paris et Berlin

A first-class academic institution cannot content itself with spreading knowledge through its programmes and teachings. It must go further by producing original and pertinent findings through the support of research activities which will eventually lead to scientific publications. An academic institution must also be a stepping stone for professor-researchers who conduct research and broadcast knowledge concerning the ideas of tomorrow. This is the primary role of the doctorate programmes or Ph.D. programmes of ESCP Europe, which benefit from the resources of diverse European academic traditions. In order to accomplish such projects, two Ph.D programmes, available at the Berlin and the Paris campus, offer all students the possibility of working in close proximity with Faculty members, in addition to providing methodological and theoretical teachings.

Prof. Rolf Brühl, Berlin Ph.D. Scientific Director
Prof. Claire Dambrin, Paris Ph.D. Scientific Director