"The ESCP Europe Ph.D programme is an extraordinary opportunity to be trained in high level research and teaching. A lot of resources are available for the Ph.D candidates so as to offer the best conditions to succeed. In particular, the different teachers of the School are very available to help and to advise us. These four years spent at ESCP Europe will remain a very good memory and a rich experience at different levels"

Etienne Redor
Assistant Professor, Audencia Nantes
Ph.D. May 2007

Paris Ph.D. Programme


  1. Is the ESCP Europe Ph.D. programme on the Paris campus available as a distance learning programme?

    No. Full time attendance is required, particularly the first year. First year courses are mandatory and delivered in Paris between October and May.

  2. Is fluency in French a requirement ?

    Fluency is required in both French and English. In Paris Ph.D. courses are taught in French. In addition we require our doctoral students to lecture in French. The final dissertation, however, may be written in English, if this agreed with your dissertation supervisor.

  3. Can I enrol in the ESCP Europe Ph.D. programme and remain employed on a full-time basis?

    It is quasi impossible to hold down a full-time job and pursue doctoral research.
    The first year of our Ph.D. programme consists of some twenty taught courses taken between October and May. This is a demanding period; the following two years are more flexible. 
    Some students are able to remain employed on a part-time basis with at least two days per week for research.

  4. What are the selection criteria for admission to the ESCP Europe Ph.D. programme?

    We attach great importance to three criteria: your prior academic background; the relevance of your proposed research project; the fit of your proposal within the overall research activity of our Faculty.

  5. What research areas and topics are preferred?

    We examine all research proposals in connection with the field of management.

  6. Can an appointment be arranged with the Dean of the Ph.D. Programme?

    For obvious reasons of fairness, in particular in regard to applicants from far away countries, such an exploratory meeting is not possible. The facts on this website are the common reference for all applicants.
    First round selection is based on the candidate’s application package. Successful candidates are invited to an interview with a panel which makes a final recommendation.
    We are pleased to address additional queries and requests for information by email as you prepare your application.

  7. Do you require a GMAT score with the application ?

    A GMAT score is not mandatory.

  8. What is the decision procedure for an admissions application?

    We follow the procedure below :

    Round one selection is based on the application package : Each application will be carefully studied by the professors in the field of specialization.

    For candidates selected in the first round, individual interviews will be organized. A face to face interview is always advisable, but if the applicant cannot travel to ESCP Europe, a video/internet conference can be set up.